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School Nutrition Program Procurement Reviews


The procurement of goods and services is a significant responsibility of a School Nutrition Program Sponsor. Obtaining the most economical purchase should be considered in all purchases when using Federal funds. Federal, state, and local laws and regulations specify the procurement methods, terms, and conditions. Sponsors competitively procure goods and services, award contracts, and oversee contractor performance. State agency oversight is required to ensure Sponsors comply with the applicable provisions through audits, Procurement Reviews, technical assistance, training guidance materials and by other means.

A Procurement Review will be conducted of each School Nutrition Program Sponsor within an Administrative Review cycle (once every five years). The Procurement Review may or may not occur in the same school year as a Resource Management or Administrative Review.

Snapshot of a Procurement Review


The MDE Procurement Team will conduct the Procurement Review using a modified version of USDA’s Procurement Tool. Each of the following steps is intended to assess compliance while providing technical assistance and resources related to procurement. The following is a snapshot of the process.

  • Notification and Scheduling
    • Sponsors receive an email with the Procurement Tool Excel Workbook with specific tabs to complete and a list of documentation needed to conduct the review.
  • The MDE Procurement Team will assess compliance by reviewing documentation off-site
  • Procurement Review Conference Call
  • Findings Report with review results will be sent to the Sponsor by email
    • This may include technical assistance and/or findings of non-compliance and details on required corrective action.
  • The MDE Procurement Team will Review and approve the corrective action, as applicable, then close the review. A final closeout email will be sent to the sponsor.


Required Documentation

  • Sponsor Written Code of Conduct
  • Sponsor’s Documented Procurement Procedure
  • Vendor Paid List/Summary of Total Expenditures by Vendor Report
    • This is a report of all vendors paid from the Sponsor’s nonprofit foodservice account.
    • The Procurement Team will select vendors for review from the Vendor Paid List for each type of procurement conducted including
    • Micro-purchase, small/informal, formal/sealed bid, and Food Service Contracts
    • Sample Vendor paid list - coming soon
  • Sponsor Procurement Table
    • Information will be sent via email during notification and scheduling
    • Sample of completed Sponsor Procurement Table – coming soon
  • Supporting Documentation for each selected vendor
    • Solicitation documentation (copies of small purchase price/rate quotes and/or sealed bids/competitive proposals issued, and advertisements published, as applicable)
    • Responses (quotes for informal procurement procedures and bids/offers for formal procurement procedures).
    • Evaluation and scoring results used to award contracts (for competitive proposals – RFPs)
    • Final contract awarded and contract notification documentation
    • Supporting documentation, such as purchase orders and/or receipts/invoices for vendors selected for review (2 CFR 200.318(i)).