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Training Topics by Key Areas

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) developed four key areas where training topics are categorized to assist in training choices.  To help link training topics to key areas, the first number of each training topic’s 4-digit code corresponds with that of the key area’s codes, as shown below.

Training Topics by Key Areas

Key Areas

Training Topics

Nutrition  (1000)

Menu Planning  (1100)

Nutrition Education   (1200)

General Nutrition  (1300)

Operations  (2000)

Food Production  (2100)

Serving Food  (2200)

Cashier and Point of Service  (2300)

Purchasing/Procurement  (2400)

Receiving and Storage  (2500)

Food Safety and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)  (2600)

Administration  (3000)

Free & Reduced Price Meal Benefits  (3100)

Program Management  (3200)

Financial Management  (3300)

Human Resources and Staff Training  (3400)

Facilities and Equipment Planning  (3500)

Communications and  Marketing  (4000)

Communications and Marketing  (4100)

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