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OHNS Staff Links for MIND 2.0


Linking MILogin for Workers with MEIS account 

Trouble Shooting Tips



Requesting MIND 2.0 System Access


Approving MIND 2.0 Access - MDE Authorized Officials (Office & Unit Managers) ONLY 

Approving MIND 2.0 AccessThis is a combined document with the process for approving access, verifying access levels, and removing access.

Approving MIND 2.0 Access - Instructions for approving access only

Verifying MIND 2.0 Access Levels

Removing MIND 2.0 Access 


MDE STAFF Help Documents

Linking External MILogin for Third Party Accounts to their MEIS accounts

Requesting Specific Program Access in MIND 2.0

Verifying MIND 2.0 Access Levels


EXTERNAL USER Help Documents

MIND 2.0 User Manual