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OCTE Staff Directory

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Michigan Department of Education
Office of Career and Technical Education
608 West Allegan Street, P. O. Box 30712
Lansing, Michigan 48909
Main:  517-241-5342
Fax:  517-241-5347


Director's Office

Staff Member Phone Number E-Mail
Dr. Brian Pyles, Director 517-335-5224
Sheila Yott, Executive Assistant 517-335-5224
Christine Black, Fiscal Specialist 517-241-0260
Michelle Cordano, Staff Assistant 517-245-3090

Career Readiness Unit

Staff Member Phone Number E-Mail
Deb Miller, Supervisor 517-241-5341
LeAnn Reyes, Secretary 517-241-5341
Thomas Knight, Education Consultant 517-241-5345
Celena Mills, Education Consultant 517-281-3445
Dorthy Switalski, Education Consultant 517-281-4881
Candace Vinson, Education Consultant 517-281-7009

Grants, Assessments, Monitoring, and Evaluation Unit

Staff Member Phone Number E-Mail
Dr. Jill Kroll, Supervisor 517-599-1403
Jackie Martinez, Secretary 517-241-5344
Christine Lewis, Education Consultant 517-855-1560

Dr. Valerie Milton, Research Consultant 517-335-1066
James Whittaker, Education Consultant 517-241-2091
Dr. Yincheng Ye, Research Consultant 517-281-7229

Early Middle College

Staff Member Phone Number E-Mail
Dr. Stacey M. Stover, Education Consultant 517-281-4287
Daisy Kielty, Departmental Analyst


Jackie Martinez, Secretary


Contractual Employees

Staff Member Phone Number E-Mail
Mark Forbush, Agri-Science and Natural Resources Consultant 989-277-9249