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High Quality CTE Programs of Study

High Quality CTE Programs

To help CTE educators and administrators develop and improve the quality of their CTE programs of study, an evidence-based framework defining high-quality CTE across 12 elements has been developed the 12 Elements Quality CTE Program of Study:

  1. Standards-aligned and Integrated Curriculum
  2. Sequencing and Articulation
  3. Student Assessment
  4. Prepared and Effective Program Staff
  5. Engaging Instruction
  6. Access and Equity
  7. Facilities, Equipment, Technology and Materials
  8. Business and Community Partnerships
  9. Student Career Development
  10. Career and Technical Student Organizations
  11. Work-based Learning
  12. Data and Program Improvement

Perkins V will develop strategies, case studies, professional development models and toolkits to help CTE educators and administrator develop and support success within each element.


Members, Executive Summary and Outcomes