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Michigan Merit Curriculum

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Michigan Merit Curriculum

The Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) is crafted around the philosophical belief that all students will need post-secondary learning opportunities beyond high school. It is not a curriculum in the traditional sense in that it doesn’t describe instructional materials and approaches. Instead it specifies that all students who earn a diploma, at a minimum, have demonstrated proficiency with the content outlined by the state academic standards or guidelines.

While traditional course taking pathways are an option under the MMC, the legislation is specific in stating that schools “may provide this curriculum by providing the credits specified … by using alternative instructional delivery methods such as alternative course work, humanities course sequences, Career and Technical Education (CTE), industrial technology courses, or vocational education, or by a combination of these” (MCL 380.1278(b) (7)). This flexibility within the MMC supports the need for personalization, acceleration, and innovation in an atmosphere of high expectations and high support for students earning a diploma in Michigan.

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