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Peer School Matching Tool

The Michigan Peer School Matching Tool is designed to help educators, administrators, and policymakers identify schools in Michigan sharing various student, staff, and/or school characteristics. The tool allows the individual user to define BOTH the number of similar/peer schools returned AND the characteristics on which school similarity is determined. By comparing your school to others with similar characteristics, you can gain insights into performance, identify potential areas for improvement, and learn from the strategies of your peers.


Click the image or link to visit the Michigan Peer School Matching Tool and begin exploring schools similar to the one of your choosing--by the characteristics you define!

Once inside the Michigan Peer School Matching Tool:

1) choose the school you would like to view peers for

2) set how many peer schools you would like to be returned (up to 35 peers can be returned out of all public schools statewide), and

3) select the characteristics you would like the peer comparison to be based on (up to 11 student, staff, and school characteristics can be chosen)

Note that it may take a moment to load/run peer calculations, so please be patient.

Peer School Matching Tool Screenshot

Click here to visit the Peer School Matching Tool!