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MiMTSS Technical Assistance Center

MiMTSS Technical Assistance Center previously Michigan's Integrated Behavior and Learning Support Initiative (MIBLSI), works on behalf of MDE to provide a continuum of technical assistance to ISDs, LEAs, and schools in an MTSS framework. The MiMTSS TA center's mission is to improve outcomes for all learners by assisting educators in developing infrastructures to support high quality and sustained implementation of effective, data-driven practices within an MTSS framework. 

MiMTSS Professional Learning outlines the universal and targeted technical assistance available for educators, schools, districts, and ISDs to support MTSS implementation within Michigan.

MiMTSS Data System is a free-access web-based data system designed for LEAs, ISDs and MDE to gather and analyze data that is critical for the continuous improvement of MTSS in Michigan.

The MiMTSS Data System provides educators with:

  • A place to collect data not captured elsewhere related to MTSS inputs, implementation, and outcomes (e.g., personnel, training records, partners, capacity assessments, fidelity assessments).
  • Data presented in a common format, so they are easily understood across all levels of the education system (e.g., school/center, LEA, ISD and State).
  • Dashboards and reports designed for use during the continuous improvement process.
  • School-level data that are immediately accessible to LEAs and ISDs as they are entered.
  • A system that is designed based on the principles of effective data visualization, has undergone multiple cycles of usability testing, and is continuously improved based on user feedback.

MiMTSS YouTube Channel is full of resources to support educators' installation and use of MTSS processes, practices, and data. Navigate to the YouTube channel to check out what is there and consider subscribing to the channel for updates when new videos are added.