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NAEP Tools for Educators

Resources are publicly available for educator use:

Take NAEP Now: Use this tool to take or give a NAEP assessment using innovative digitally based questions that have been previously administered to students throughout the nation.

NAEP Questions Tool: Provides a view of released items (questions uses on previous tests). Teachers and parents can create their own tests and compare their students to national and state averages.

Sample Questions Booklets: Sample question booklets are helpful to K-12 education administrators, teachers, parents, and students of participating schools and provide an idea of student achievement and what to expect during an assessment.

NAEP District Results: Explore results for districts participating in the Trial Urban District Assessment Program, including the Detroit Public Schools Community District.

NAEP Item Maps and Performance Levels: NAEP item maps show the knowledge and skills of students in grades 4, 8, and 12 who performed at different NAEP performance levels in each assessment. Item maps help answer the question, “What skills do students have at the NAEP Basic, NAEP Proficient, and NAEP Advanced achievement levels. 

NAEP Frameworks: The frameworks lay out the basic design of the assessment by describing the content that should be tested and the types of assessment questions that should be included in NAEP. Frameworks attempt to answer the question, “What skills should be assessed on NAEP at grades 4, 8, and 12?”