Mid-Michigan Flooding

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The State of Michigan activated the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) due to flooding in Midland County caused by the failure of the Edenville and Sanford Dams.

SEOC personnel are monitoring the situation and working with state and local officials as well as private sector partners to ensure any resource needs are met. MSP/EMHSD district coordinators are on scene with local emergency management officials and supporting local emergency operation centers.

The SEOC is overseen by the MSP/EMHSD and coordinates response and recovery efforts by state agencies and local government. The SEOC is staffed by members of state agencies for decision making and information coordination during disasters or emergencies in the State of Michigan.

Major Disaster Declaration FEMA-4547-MI - Public Assistance & Individual Assistance Information

News Releases

News Release: CORRECTION Apply for EGLE Permits Before Shoreline Rebuilding on Wixom, Sanford Lakes after Midland Flooding - 6/10/2020

PHOTOS: Governor Whitmer Volunteers in Midland Area Relief Efforts - 6/8/2020

News Release: Governor Whitmer Directs EGLE to Investigate Failures of Edenville, Sanford Dams - 5/27/2020

News Release: Flooding Impacts on Septic Systems and Private Wells - 5/27/2020

News Release: Governor Whitmer Expands State of Emergency to Include Arenac, Gladwin, and Saginaw Counties Due to Severe Weather, Flooding and Dam Failures - 5/22/2020

News Release: Information on Michigan-regulated Dams Available Through New Interactive Map - 5/22/2020

News Release: State Guidelines Issued to Assist Midland-area Residents with Clean Up - 5/22/2020

News Release: Michigan National Guard Aids Residents Impacted by Midland Flooding While Continuing COVID-19 Response - 5/22/2020

News Release: Consumer Alert: Midland County Flood May Impact Financial and Banking Services - 5/22/2020

News Release: FEMA Grants Governor Whitmer's Request for Federal Emergency Declaration to Aid in Midland County Flood Response - 5/21/2020

News Release: New MDOT GIS Map Shows Flooding Impacts on State and Local Roads Across Gladwin, Midland and Saginaw Counties - 5/20/2020

News Release: Web page Established for Michigan EGLE Updates, Information Related to Midland Dam Failures - 5/20/2020

News Release: American Red Cross Shelters Open to Assist During Flooding - 5/20/2020

News Release: Gov. Whitmer, AG Nessel to Examine Legal Options to Assist State’s Recovery Efforts After Midland County Flood - 5/20/2020

News Release: DNR Conservation Officers Evacuate People and Pets During Midland County Flood - 05/20/2020

News Release: Michigan National Guard Responds to State of Emergency for Midland Floods - 05/20/2020

News Release: Governor Whitmer Requests Federal Emergency Declaration to Aid in Midland County Flood Response - 5/20/2020

News Release: Governor Whitmer Declares State of Emergency for Midland County  - 5/19/2020


Helpful Resources

Mid-Michigan Flooding Survivor Resources (PDF)

Major Disaster Declaration FEMA-4547-MI - Public Assistance & Individual Assistance Information

Public Assistance & Preliminary Damage Assessment Information

Midland 911

City of Midland

Midland County Facebook

MDOT Road Closure Map for Gladwin, Midland, and Saginaw Counties

EGLE Midland Area Dam Failure Information & Documents

MIReady Flood Safety

Ready.gov Floods

FEMA Flood Information Fact Sheet (PDF)


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