Remediation and Redevelopment Division

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Create a future where Michigan's contaminated properties are reliably managed, revitalized, and the environment is protected.


The Remediation and Redevelopment Division will work toward our goals through compliance assistance, partnerships, collaboration, and enforcement.

Please feel free to contact us by writing:  EGLE, Remediation and Redevelopment Division, P.O. Box 30426, Lansing, MI 48909-7926, or calling 1-800-662-9278. Email us.



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Janice Adams and the Gaylord Boy Scout Troop #1

Global Remediation Technologies

On June 11th, Global Remediation Technologies (GRT), Somat Engineering and Dakota Technologies conducted a Laser-Induced Fluorescence (LIF) pilot study at Riverside Park in Detroit, a SWQF/Prop 2 funded site. The intent of the pilot study was to evaluate two LIF methods - UVOST and TarGOST. UVOST is utilized for delineating petroleum NAPL including gasoline, diesel, crude oil, kerosene, etc. TarGOST is utilized for delineating non-aqueous-phase liquids found at Manufactured Gas Plants (MGP) and creosote sites. Due to the variety of potential contaminates present at Riverside Park, a pilot study is being conducted to determine the best LIF method for a full-scale study.

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