Air Permits to Install (PTIs)

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Agency: Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

An air permit from EGLE's Air Quality Division, Permit to Install Program may be required for equipment and activities that emit air contaminants. A complete

Michigan Rule 336.1201 (also known as "R201") of the Michigan Administrative Rules for Air Pollution Control (hereafter referred to as the "Michigan Rules") requires that prior to the installation, construction, reconstruction, relocation, or modification of equipment emitting air contaminants, a person must:

  • Obtain a Permit to Install (PTI), commonly know as an air permit, OR
  • Determine that a permit exemption exists.

An air permit:

  • is a state license to emit air contaminants into the ambient (outdoor) air.
  • contains conditions to protect the public and the environment.
  • contains conditions that limit how much a process of facility is allowed to emit.
  • is free! No fees are associated with obtaining a permit to install.
  • does not expire (unless stated in the special conditions). The permit is good for as long as the equipment is in operation.

Why is a complete application so important?

Early planning is important as processing an application can take time.

  • A complete application speeds up the permitting process. Consider setting up a pre-application meeting with permit staff prior to submitting your application.
  • More complex processes take longer to evaluate and prepare a permit.
  • Some requests may have to make operational changes, material substitutions, or install add-on control devices to comply with the applicable rules and regulations.

Exemption Recordkeeping Forms

Technical Assistance Resources

PTI Determining Applicability Flowcharts

PTI Exemption Handbook

PTI Guidebook: A Practical Guide to Completing an Air Permit Application - A practical and easy-to-use reference document designed to help you put together a complete application.

PSD Workbook: A Practical Guide to Michigan's Prevention of Significant Deterioration Regulations - This guide provides a logical, comprehensive, step-by-step approach to determining what activities trigger the need for PTI. The guide also contains useful resource information including commonly asked questions and example problems.

Looking for guidance on a specific process? If you are installing a paint line, an engine, a boiler, or other process, you may want to check to see if a process specific guidance sheet is available to help you lay out what rules apply and what information you may need to include in your application.

Other Technical Guidance - This webpage contains guidance on topics like how to do a BACT analysis, how to do a netting analysis and expectations on air modeling.

Webinar Series: A Deep Dive into Air Permitting


Other Assistance

Environmental Consultant Assistance

Permit Coordination: Environmental Permits, Licenses, and Certifications - Help with assessing the EGLE environmental permits needed for your business.


The Permit to Install (PTI) program is administered by EGLE's Air Quality Division, Permit Section.