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Permits to Install (PTI) / New Source Review (NSR)

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Permits to Install (PTI) / New Source Review (NSR)

Rule 201 of the Michigan Air Pollution Control Rules requires a person to obtain an approved Permit to Install for any potential source of air pollution unless the source is exempt from the permitting process. Does your business have paint or other coating application booths, storage tanks, printing presses, boilers, soil remediation projects, plating operations, degreasers, ovens, or any other process that may emit air pollution? If so, your facility may need to complete an air use permit to install application.

Electronic Documents Submission

The Air Quality Division (AQD) continues to review, tailor, and amend processes to assist companies in submitting information in an easy and timely manner.  We will continue to require the submittal of signed hard copies of documents, but we will accept electronic submittals as the official receipt date.  Facilities may continue to submit information electronically and mail the signed hard copies to the appropriate unit or district office.  Those choosing to submit electronically, should follow the guidance linked below.

AQD Electronic Documents Submission

Ozone Non-Attainment New Source Review

Non-attainment New Source Review may be required in the permitting of new or modified source of air emissions located in the non-attainment areas. To be subject to these regulations, a facility must already be or will become a major emitting source (greater than 100 tons per year) of volatile organic compounds (VOC) or oxides of nitrogen (NOx), which are precursors for ozone. VOC and NOx are regulated under Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) and Non-Attainment New Source Review (NSR) Regulations. Non-Attainment New Source Review requires that a company demonstrate that the proposed project meets the Lowest Achievable Emission Rate (LAER), provides offsets for each precursor at a ratio of 1 to 1.1, and conducts an alternative site analysis. In addition to those requirements, all sources in the state owned by that entity must be in compliance. The Air Quality Division has provided some resources below for facilities preparing an application for Non-Attainment New Source Review.

If you are preparing a PTI application that includes Non-Attainment New Source Review, it is recommended that you schedule a pre-application meeting. Please contact Cindy Smith to schedule a pre-application meeting or to ask any questions regarding Non-Attainment New Source Review applications.


Cindy Smith, Air Quality Division