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Statewide Public Advisory Council (SPAC)

Statewide Public Advisory Council (SPAC) group 2023
Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Statewide Public Advisory Council (SPAC)

Kimberly Passick

The U.S. – Canada Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement commits the two governments to cooperate with state, provincial, and tribal governmental units to develop and implement Remedial Action Plans (RAPs) for the 43 Areas of Concern (AOCs), including the original fourteen AOCs in Michigan.  The RAP process is inclusive, with an emphasis on community involvement and public consultation.  The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) works closely with the individual Public Advisory Councils consisting of local stakeholders for each of Michigan’s AOCs.

The Statewide Public Advisory Council, formed in 1991, is comprised of one representative from each PAC in the remaining AOCs. The mission of the SPAC is to act as a forum to provide advice and input to Michigan EGLE on all aspects of the Areas of Concern program.