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Drinking Water Laboratory

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Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Drinking Water Laboratory


Customer Service/Order Test Kits

The Drinking Water Analysis Laboratory offers services for the analysis of drinking water quality. These services include all physical, chemical, and microbiological testing procedures currently used for this purpose by state and local water supply programs.

Laboratory Notifications

As of July 1, 2024, the following changes will apply to Drinking Water Laboratory operations:

Complete Metals Analysis

The CMET and CMET2 Complete Metals test codes are combining into a single new CMET test code and will include all 15 metals from both former codes.


Payment Policy

Payment for analysis will be accepted through invoice payment, issued after analysis is complete. Any prepayment received with sample submissions will be returned to sender. Invoice payment can be completed at The Pay Place.


Partial Chemistry Bottles

Submission of a single bottle for the Partial Chemistry analysis package will be rejected.
Partial Chemistry analysis requires a 250mL bottle and a 125mL bottle.

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Step-by-step service guides

Step-by-step guide for drinking water testing

There are many reasons to get your drinking water tested, including but not limited to unusual color or odors, selling or buying a home with a drinking water well, or  maintaining a drinking water well on your property.

Follow our 4 easy steps to test your drinking water.