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Lake Michigan Circuit

an orange sunset over the dark waters of lake michigan
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Lake Michigan Circuit


Jake Wilkinson
The Lake Michigan Circuit is a multi-state initiative to build electric vehicle infrastructure along Lake Michigan to support coastal tourism. Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana are working together to create a scenic route with reliable charging stations along Lake Michigan’s 1,100 mile drivable coastline. The charging stations will be installed at recreational areas, hospitality businesses, and entertainment attractions to provide electric vehicle drivers a long-distance vacation opportunity free from range anxiety.


Lake Michigan Circuit Webinar - November 13,2023

Webinar Recording

Eligibility Requirements

Public or private organizations that can host publicly accessible charging stations, can fulfill program priorities, and are enrolled in a utility rebate program are eligible to apply for this grant.

Program Priorities

Project selection is based on Michigan State University's Electric Vehicle Charger Placement Optimization in Michigan: Lake Michigan Circuit, which predicted the optimal number and placement of level 2 and DC fast chargers to provide charging infrastructure to support travel along the Lake Michigan Circuit.  

The Michigan Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Programs Map "Lake Michigan Circuit" layer shows which nodes are eligible for funding.

Funding Amount

The grant amount will be the lesser of 33.3% of the total cost or a direct match of the amount the electric utility is paying, up to $5,000 for level 2 chargers or up to $70,000 for DC fast chargers, and can only be used for costs directly related to the design, build, operation, and maintenance of charging infrastructure.

Grant awards will be distributed on a reimbursement basis only, meaning grantees must pay project costs in full prior to receiving funds from EGLE. EGLE will reimburse grantees their award amount once proper invoices, receipts, and proof of payments have been received and reviewed. 

Awardee Obligations 

  • Lake Michigan Circuit Sample Grant Agreement and Appendix (coming soon) 
  • Provide monthly progress updates via email to the program coordinator as needed
  • Report charging session metrics
  • Provide documentation of project expenditures (e.g., invoices, receipts, and proof of payments)
  • Submit payment request via email to the program coordinator within 30 days of completing the project


Application Posting Date October 5, 2023
Application Deadline January 31, 2024

Preparing Your Application 

There are several steps an applicant needs to take prior to submitting an application to this program, including: 

Application Documents 

Additional Resources