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    Office of Career and Technical Education

    Brian L. Pyles, Ph.D., Director
    Email: yotts@michigan.gov; 517-335-5224

    OCTE oversees high school instructional programs that teach students skills in a specific career cluster.  Most programs offer early college credit opportunities to provide a seamless transition to postsecondary education.  The mission of the office is to prepare students so they have the necessary academic, technical, and work behavior skills to enter, compete, and advance in education and their careers.

    Career Readiness Unit

    Vacant, Supervisor
    Email: reyesl1@michigan.gov; 517-241-5341

    The Career Readiness Unit is responsible for providing leadership to the federal Perkins grant, including professional development and technical assistance activities.  Staff review, approve, monitor and provide support for Career and Technical Education programs, Early Middle College programs, work-based learning and work permits.

    Grants, Assessments, Monitoring, and Evaluation Unit

    Jill Kroll, Ph.D., Supervisor
    Email: krollj1@michigan.gov; 517-241-4354

    The Grants, Assessments, Monitoring, and Evaluation (GAME) Unit is responsible for collecting and reporting data, data evaluation, research activities, funding formulas, technical skill assessments and monitoring for state and federal grant programs.

    Early Middle College Unit

    Lisa Seigel, Supervisor
    Email: seigell@michigan.gov; 517-241-2072

    The Early Middle College Unit is responsible for screening and approving new Early Middle College applications, providing technical assistance workshops to Early Middle Colleges, hosting personalized coaching and support sessions for Early Middle College design teams, mining data for Early Middle Colleges, monitoring rules surrounding Early Middle College implementation, and delivering presentations at conferences regarding the Early Middle College movement in Michigan.

    Student Career Development Resources

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