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Certificate and Credential Types

Michigan Currently Issues the Following Certificates and Credentials:

  • Standard Teaching Certificate
  • Temporary Teaching Certificate
  • Interim Teaching Certificate
  • Professional Teaching Certificate
  • Advanced Professional Teaching Certificate
  • School Counselor License
  • Temporary School Counselor License
  • Preliminary School Counselor Credential
  • School Psychologist Certificate
  • Preliminary School Psychologist Certificate
  • School Administrator Certificate
  • Special Education Administrator Certificate

Michigan no longer issues the following certificates; however, they are still valid for those who hold them, and no additional professional learning requirements apply:

  • 18-Hour and 30-Hour Continuing Certificate
  • Permanent Certificate
  • Full Vocational Authorization

Current Program Types

Grade Bands: Subject, content, and discipline area endorsements are associated with grade bands indicating the grades in which the areas can be taught.  These grade bands reflect the student developmental, cognitive, social/emotional, and content specialization of the preparation program completed. 

Note: Prior to 1988, validity levels included “K-8 All Subjects” and “7-8 All Subjects” Subjects” endorsements. These are still valid designations for individuals who hold certificates with these grade band designations. For more information on assigning with “All Subjects” designations review the Assignments for “All Subjects” Endorsed Teachers guidance.

CTE: The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) no longer issues a separate Career and Technical Education (CTE) Certificate.

Note: As of May 2021, MDE transitioned to one teaching certificate for general and CTE endorsements. A Professional Teaching Certificate or Standard Teaching Certificate will be issued with CTE endorsements and appropriate Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) codes for eligible candidates.

A CIP code acts as an endorsement and is valid for teaching in state approved 9-12 career and technical education programs and career pathway courses 6-12, in the occupation identified on the certificate. The “V” code indicated on a certificate is a historic marker and does not authorize the holder for any assignment in that area. 

Additional information about teacher placement