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Educator Workforce Research

The Office of Educator Excellence (OEE) is responsible for creating long-term and short-term analyses pertinent to workforce issues. The work highlighted on this site is intended to support internal and external stakeholders in making informed decisions regarding educator preparation, credentialing, hiring, professional learning, and retention.

COVID-19 Impact on Educator Data

Educator Workforce Data Report

Data collection, analysis, and dissemination are integral to developing, supporting, and sustaining a high-quality, prepared, and collaborative education workforce. From recruitment into teacher preparation programs, to professional learning and retention, the metrics included in this report contribute to a portrait of Michigan's educational ecosystem.

The newly designed Educator Workforce Data Dashboard serves as a useful tool for our partners to engage in the daily work of developing, supporting, and sustaining a high-quality education workforce in our state.

Michigan Tests for Teacher Certification


Pursuant to Section 1531(10) of the Revised School Code, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) prepares an annual report to the Michigan Legislature on Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) activity in the prior year. Below are links to the annual reports from 2019 to present. MDE also prepares annual three-year summaries of state results by reporting timeframe, subject area, test field, and educator preparation provider. These data are available on the Educator Workforce Data Report dashboard under “Preparation: Tests for Certification.”