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Preliminary School Counselor License

This credential is an interim certification for applicants exclusively enrolled in an in-state approved Educator Preparation Institution (EPI) completing a school counselor endorsement program, a School Counselor License (SCL) or both. In-state university applicants are to seek the consultation of their university advisor for questions regarding eligibility of the Preliminary School Counselor License.

Upon issuance of this credential, individuals are eligible to be hired by a Michigan school district to serve as a school counselor.

Under MCL 380.1233(13) and the Certification and Licensure of School Counselors (Administrative Rules R 390.1304), the Preliminary School Counselor License (PSCL) is valid for 3 years and is non-renewable.


Applicants who complete a minimum of 30 semester credit hours in an in-state counselor education program and who pass the School Counselor (NT) examination on the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) may be recommended for a Preliminary School Counselor License by a Michigan EPI that has approval to prepare individuals to work in the field of school counseling.

Individuals are expected to complete the remainder of any coursework, including practicum or internship to be recommended for a school counselor endorsement on a Michigan teaching certificate, an SCL or both, during the validity of this credential.

Application Process

All applicants submit an application on the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS). In-state university enrollee applications will electronically be sent to the EPI to assess eligibility for approval of the Preliminary School Counselor License.


To apply, applicants will need to select they are applying for an endorsement or the School Counselor License in MOECS. If seeking both credential types in-state applicants will need to submit two different application fees and apply for each credential separately.