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Administrative Experience in Lieu of Internship

Experience-based Competency Review in Lieu of Internship

Michigan administrator preparation programs must assure all candidates meet the Michigan Standards for the Preparation of School Principals or Central Office Administrators prior to recommendation for certification. Programs may use an experience-based competency review to determine candidate mastery of standards and program requirements including the internship.

Meeting Internship Standards

Standards 7.1: Substantial Field and Clinical Internship Experience and 7.2: Sustained Internship Experience in School Principal and Central Office preparation standards require candidates for administrative certification complete authentic school-based field experiences and a six-month internship. An experience-based review may be conducted to determine whether a candidate’s current work experience may be considered as satisfying these requirements. In order to use recent experience as a substitute for the required clinical and internship experiences, the program must verify the following minimum requirements are met:

  • Documentation of at least six months of recent administrator experience1
  • Documentation of recent formal administrator observation and evaluation data reflecting efficacy in all domains as defined by MCL 380.1249 and MCL 380.1249b.
  • Evidence of candidate demonstration of mastery of administrator preparation standards through a practice-based assessment such as a portfolio.

Experience-based competency reviews should include a consistent, documented evaluation process with valid and reliable instruments as defined by MCL 380.1249b.

1 Programs may reserve the right to require more than six months of recent experience in lieu of a formal internship.