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Information for Educator Preparation Providers (EPPs)

The educator preparation providers (EPPs) which have been approved to offer teacher preparation in Michigan are key partners in the recruitment, education, certification, and retention of the effective educators who work throughout the state. Individuals at the EPPs fill a variety of roles and responsibilities, which are configured differently at the specific EPPs. The resources included here provide background on certification, program approval and other topics, as well as step-by-step guidance for completing Michigan Department of Education requirements and processes.

Educator Preparation Contacts and Organizations

The stakeholders who play important roles in educator preparation include Michigan Department of Education personnel, staff and faculty at educator preparation programs, and organizations at the state and national levels. The resources here provide contact information to support networking and program assistance.

Michigan Department of Education

Our Office of Educator Excellence team is excited to assist you with any general questions you have about the educator workforce, including preparation, certification, placement, professional learning, educator evaluation, educator ethics and professional practices, and educator recognition programs. All communication regarding the approval of endorsement programs should be addressed to the appropriate MDE consultant described within the MDE Consultants for Specific Endorsement Areas link.

Educator Preparation Organizations

A number of state and national organizations support educator preparation. This page includes a list of relevant organizations, their purpose and membership information, and the organization website.

Educator Preparation Organizations

Educator Preparation Providers

Educator preparation providers (EPPs) must be approved by the Michigan State Board of Education before they can recommend candidates for certification. A number of endorsements are available for teaching in specific grade bands and discipline areas.

Program Approval and Technical Assistance

State Program Approval

Educator preparation programs must be approved by the Michigan Department of Education before they can recommend candidates for certification.  There are a number of levels to this, including first being approved as an Educator Preparation Provider, and then securing approval for specific grade bands and endorsement areas.  In the program approval process, EPPs must demonstrate aligned of their programs with standards and other requirements as included in this section.  

Program Development Technical Assistance

The Michigan Department of Education develops a variety of materials to support EPPs in the development of program applications for new programs and revised  applications that align with new standards.  These include webinars, videos, and other materials that are presented in a virtual format and recorded for future viewing.

Certification and Advising Resources

Certification Resources

Individuals who work with educator candidates through the initial certification process and then support them as they progress in their careers hold different titles at EPPs.  These resources in this section are intended to provide them with the background information and processes to help them in working with candidates and educators.  

Candidate Advising Resources

Professional education faculty and content-specific facility, as well as certification personnel, all play roles in advising candidates as they make choices about the educator career pathway they will pursue, the coursework that is required, and the requirements for the program.   Resources that can help in this process are included in this section.

Continuous Improvement

Michigan has multiple approaches to supporting the continuous improvement of educator preparation providers.

National Accreditation

In addition to state program approval, all EPPs in Michigan must be nationally accredited.

Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP)

Educator Preparation Institution Accountability

The annual Educator Preparation Institution Performance Score (EPIPS) report provides information on the effectiveness of each EPP in preparing quality teachers.

Continuous Improvement through Corrective Action

Based on the EPIPS, each EPI is assigned an effectiveness label.  Those that are labeled as At Risk or Low Performing will work with MDE personnel in keeping with the corrective action system.