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Offering New Educator Preparation Programs in Michigan

The State Board of Education (SBE) issued a moratorium on approving new educator preparation institutions in August 2005. This moratorium has been extended multiple times since and remains in effect. At its April 2022 meeting, the SBE approved an extension to the moratorium, which applies to both traditional educator preparation institutions and alternative route providers, for an additional five years and granted the State Superintendent authority to periodically solicit applications for new providers to address specific high needs.

The SBE does not approve programs for educator licensure offered by out-of-state institutions. In order to offer distance education courses and programs to Michigan teacher candidates, your institution would need to be a State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) institution. This recognition is not handled by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), but rather by Michigan’s Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO). Please visit LEO’s Postsecondary Schools webpage for a SARA application and additional information. Please note, being a SARA institution does not authorize out-of-state institutions to recommend candidates to the MDE for educator licensure.

Individuals who complete out-of-state programs, approved for certification or endorsement in another state, may be eligible to obtain a Michigan educator credential based on completion of that program. Upon completion of an out-of-state program, candidates will need to complete an application in the Michigan Online Educator Certification System and submit the appropriate fee in order to be evaluated. Out-of-state program providers should advise candidates who choose to follow this route about certification requirements and program reciprocity in other states.