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Records Management

Education preparation providers (EPP) should establish and maintain a systematic approach to managing records and data at the candidate and program levels for state and national reporting. This may be in addition to or in conjunction with a records management system that the institution or organization may have in place.

Records should be maintained by an EPP for a minimum of ten years, based on state program approval and national accreditation cycles, or as specified by the institution or organization, whichever is longer. EPPs may wish to maintain some candidate records for a longer period of time to facilitate requests related to program verification, completion and/or candidate certification.

The records and data may be required for the following purposes:

  • Candidate Progression
  • Certification Recommendation
  • Michigan Department of Education (MDE) Program Status
  • National Accreditation
  • Title II
  • State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs)

Records and data may not need to be stored separately for each purpose but should be readily accessible to facilitate required reporting. Electronic format is acceptable. Considerations for necessary and appropriate documentation for each of these purposes are provided below.

Candidate Progression

Verification of program requirements at appropriate benchmarks, such as full acceptance to program, admission to student teaching and completion of degree, which may be included or required in program approval or accreditation processes. Documents may include, but are not limited to:

  • application form(s) and review checklist,
  • EPP transcript,
  • transcripts from other institutions,
  • grade point average (GPA) calculations,
  • Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) test scores,
  • clinical experiences completion,
  • student teaching final evaluation,
  • interim certificate information, or
  • evidence of candidate success.

Certification Recommendation

Verification of candidate eligibility and recommendation for certification. In addition to being able to provide information to program completers, these records are required for audits that may be conducted by the MDE. Maintained documents must include all those associated with the approval of candidates for certification, such as:

  • application form and review checklist,
  • EPP transcript showing degree awarded,
  • transcripts from other institutions, including degree awarded,
  • verification of required coursework for certificate and endorsement(s),
  • completion of clinical experience requirements,
  • GPA calculations,
  • MTTC test scores,
  • Evidence of candidate success, or
  • copy of CPR/First Aid certification from approved provider (not required for candidates certified on or after August 1, 2023, per PA 110 of 2023).

MDE Program Status

Verification of state program approval status. All programs must be initially, and then fully, approved by MDE. Evidence of state program approval may be required in an accreditation process, as well. These records should be maintained at least until superseded by subsequent approvals, which could be more than ten years. Documents may include, but are not limited to:

  • application for initial approval,
  • confirmation of initial approval,
  • application for full approval,
  • confirmation of full approval,
  • notification to MDE regarding closed programs and ProPrep updates,
  • minutes of program meetings and discussion of program modifications,
  • clinical experiences placement tracking,
  • program assessment plan and data analysis,
  • program outcomes documentation, or
  • confirmation of reading diagnostic course approval.

National Accreditation

Verification of program accreditation status as required by MDE. Documents will reflect the requirements and standards of the accrediting body, including items such as:

  • confirmation of accreditation status from accrediting body,
  • program assessments and data analysis,
  • minutes of program meetings and discussion of program modifications,
  • evidence of program outcomes, or
  • evidence of meeting accreditation standards.

Title II

Annual data submission required by the United States Department of Education Teacher Quality reporting process. Candidate and completer data must include demographics as required by the Title II framework. Documents may include, but are not limited to:

  • fully accepted candidate cohort by specific year,
  • program completers by specific year, or
  • MTTC score verification as provided by MDE and confirmed in the Title II process.

State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs)

If the EPP is a SCECH sponsor, the program is required to collect and maintain records of all eligible participants who are awarded SCECH credit for seven years after the end date of a program. EPPs are encouraged to review and follow the guidance provided on the SCECH and DPPD webpage. SCECH sponsors can review sponsor-specific guidance through their MOECS account, or review the SCECH Sponsor Manual. Documentation that should be available includes, but is not limited to

  • SCECH program applications and approvals,
  • agendas, instructor information, and
  • participant attendance verification.