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Certification: Verifying Evidence of Enrollment

Educators must provide evidence of enrollment to their employing school district when the school requests renewal of the Full-year Basic Permit or the School Administrator Permit. Verification or evidence of enrollment is needed for many purposes including meeting requirements established by medical or legal associations, insurance companies, employers, credit cards, etc. Most college or university registrars will verify enrollment as a standard process and without charge.

College or University Transcript

A transcript indicating completion of recent courses (within the last two university calendar semester or trimester periods) or courses in progress indicated by the mark “IP” on a college or university transcript is acceptable evidence of enrollment. Use of this mark indicates that the grade for the course will be determined and assigned when the entire course, or sequence of course, is complete. The IP mark should be indicated on the transcript issued for the current academic session.

Official Letter

A letter from a college or university official (e.g., Registrar, Dean, Provost) indicating that the educator is enrolled in a program of study at their institution is acceptable evidence of enrollment. The letter must include the educator’s name and should indicate the current academic session. *This option may also be used when the program the educator is enrolled in is an alternative route through an agency or organization not affiliated with a college or university.

Evidence and documentation to support enrollment should be maintained by the employer and available upon request for audit.