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Course Instructor Resources

Professional Learning

To support EXPLORE instructors, MDE has developed professional learning courses in partnership with Michigan Virtual. This learning is free and self-paced.  Instructors have the option of enrolling in these courses for SCECH credit or accessing some of the modules via #GoOpen.

  • Educator Foundations (10 SCECHs): Designed for educators and mentors who want to learn about EXPLORE program and working with young people who aspire to teach. This course is highly encouraged for new EXPLORE teachers.

    Option 1: If completed via Michigan Virtual, instructors will be invited to join the EXPLORE Virtual Community page to connect with other EXPLORE educators, share resources, and collaborate on course implementation.

    Option 2: The Foundations modules are also available via #GoOpen, for instructors who want to access the learning but are not interested in completing the modules for SCECH credit.  These modules provide all the same content, but do not require instructors to complete the assignments or activities.  Open access modules include:

    Module 1:  Being a Teacher Educator

    Module 2:  Educator Preparation Programs

    Module 3: EXPLORE Orientation

    Module 4: Program Facilitation

  • Course Planning (2-12 SCECHS):Designed for course instructors to plan how to facilitate their EXPLORE course, unit by unit. These modules are not required to design an EXPLORE course but are available for SCECH credit to recognize course planning time.

Educators will need a Michigan Virtual account to access the courses for SCECH credit. The courses are routinely updated for clarity and accuracy. If a “No courses found” error appears, the courses are undergoing revision and will be available shortly.

2023 Conference

The Future Proud Michigan Educator EXPLORE conference will be the first annual opportunity for EXPLORE educators (current and potential) to meet, learn, and exchange ideas. The primary purpose of the conference is to build a network of EXPLORE teachers that will provide support for educators, resources for programs, and continuous improvement for EXPLORE resources. In addition to a keynote speaker, the breakout sessions offer a chance to address frequent questions and highlight best practices. Together, the sessions allow for collaboration across systems to facilitate the success of future educators in grades 6-12.

  • Date: October 11th, 9am-4pm
  • Location: Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center, East Lansing, MI



  • The EXPLORE Virtual Community is a space to connect with other EXPLORE instructors. The community will include discussion boards and a library of resources, both of which are designed to share ideas, enhance programs, provide collaboration, and support ongoing course design. 
  • The community will be made available to any educator who completes the Foundations Professional Learning Course via Michigan Virtual.