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Taiwan: English & Chinese Language Teacher Exchange

Program Overview

In 2006, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) and the Taiwanese Ministry of Education signed an agreement by which up to 15 certified Michigan teachers are provided the unique opportunity to study and teach English in Taiwanese schools for a full academic year (or a semester). Additionally, the agreement enables teachers certified in Taiwan to teach Chinese language and culture in Michigan schools for up to three academic years.

Recruiting Chinese Language Teachers

This collaboration provides schools with the opportunity to recruit teachers from Taiwan to teach Chinese language and culture to Michigan students. With Michigan's focus on world language graduation requirements, internationalizing education and the global economy, this program supports the need for more world language teachers.

Power Point Presentation- Overview (Taipei Economic & Cultural Office - Chicago)

School districts interested in hiring teachers from Taiwan should contact the Office of Educator Excellence.


Request a Chinese Language Teacher

Michigan Teachers: Teaching English in Taiwan

Upon application and acceptance into this program, the Taiwanese Ministry of Education provides Michigan's teachers with the opportunity to select a placement as an English teacher in Taiwan. The Ministry and the employing school provide orientation training, housing arrangements and wages comparable to Michigan salaries.

Each participating Michigan teacher is paired with a Taiwanese classroom teacher. In addition to providing English language instruction, the Michigan teachers work with Taiwanese educators to develop curriculum, prepare lesson plans and teaching materials, conduct classes and evaluate student progress. This partnership offers a wide range of benefits to all involved:

  • Teachers benefit from the professional development that results from the exchange of instructional practices and strategies between Michigan and Taiwan.
  • Students from both nations gain greater knowledge, appreciation and understanding of one another's culture, language, history, interests and lifestyle.
  • Michigan and Taiwan both benefit from the expanded communication, collaboration and cooperation that will result from this agreement.

Applications are being accepted for the upcoming academic year! Michigan teachers who are interested in the program may contact the Office of Educator Excellence.

Teaching in Taiwan Application Package

For more information:

Questions Regarding Michigan Employment Standing

How does a year in Taiwan affect a teacher's job status in Michigan?

You would need to work out a leave of absence with the district where you have a contract if you plan to return to that job after teaching abroad.

Would a teacher need to resign or request a year's leave?

You need to talk to your school district since hiring decisions are made at the local level.

Is a school district obligated to keep your job for your return?

It depends on the arrangements that you make with them.

What about contributions to the Public School Employees Retirement System?

If you secure a leave of absence from your district and return to the same district, you can purchase the year you were away by making monthly payments equal to what you would have paid had you remained in the district. You would have up to two years to do this. For further questions, call the Office of Retirement Services at 800-381-5111.