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Mandarin Teacher Overview

Mandarin Language Teachers/Assistants from Taiwan Teaching in Overseas K-12 Schools and Universities in Cooperation with Taiwan’s Ministry of Education (MOE)





Taiwan’s MOE has established this sponsorship to broaden and strengthen mutual friendship between the global partners and Taiwan; as well as to assist foreign Mandarin language teachers/assistants in the teaching proficiency.


Eligibility of the teachers’ candidate(s) from Taiwan


  1. Having obtained qualified “Certificate of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language” awarded by MOE.
  2. Must have a bachelor’s degree or above.
  3. Possess teaching Chinese as a second language experience.


Allowances sponsored by Taiwan’s MOE


  1. For teachers: USD$1,200 per month per teacher for 12 months, can be extended up to another 12 months for the same teacher.
  2. For assistants: USD$600 per month per assistant for up to 12 months, can NOT be extended for the same assistant.
  3. One round-trip economy airfare USD$1,300-1,500 (both teachers and assistants).
  4. Lump sum teaching materials allowance of USD$300 (teachers only).


Matching sponsorship from the overseas partners