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MDE Website Resources

  • Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) and Registration FormPublic School Academies fingerprint based background checks information.
  • Educational entity Master (EEM) - The EEM contains information regarding public and registered nonpublic educational entities, including official identification codes and contact information for Michigan’s educational systems. The data maintained in the EEM are used for mandated data submissions to the State and Federal government and are critical to meeting State and Federal requirements. There are numerous systems across multiple State agencies that interface with the EEM. It is the link that ties several other data sets together.
  • EEM User Guide - It is highly recommended that every PSA update the EEM contact information pages as changes occur and also at the beginning of every school year.
  • E-Rate Discount Program Information - The Michigan Department of Education, Office of Systems, Evaluation, and Technology (OSET) provides technical assistance to applicants seeking E-rate discounts on internet service and Wi-Fi.
  • The Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) - can guide a PSA through the necessary school year collection and submission requirements.
  • MI School Data Score Card - Search for school scorecard informatin on any school or district in Michigan.
  • So You Want to Start a Charter School - Informational PowerPoint presentation.

Public School Academy Board of Education Resources