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CACFP Procurement Information

Child and Adult Care Food Program Procurement Information

Procurement is the name for the steps used to obtain goods or services at the best possible price. All Child and Adult Care Food Program Sponsors must have a Procurement Procedure in place. Procurement related activities will be reviewed as part of an Administrative Review.

CACFP Sponsors that wish to work with a company or another Child Nutrition Program Sponsor to provide meals and/or management must work with MDE to procure a food service contract. Information about food service contracts is available here: Food Service Contracts (

CACFP Procurement Related Resources

CACFP Procurement Procedures

MDE CACFP Procurement Training

Sample code of conduct

USDA Webinar: Market Basket Analysis When Procuring Program Goods and Modifying Contracted for Product Lists

Regulation, Guidance and Additional MDE Templates and Resources

Child Nutrition Program Resources and USDA Guidance