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Parental Consent Resources

Consent for Care and Confidential Health Information (PDF)
Michigan laws related to Right of a Minor to Obtain Health Care without Consent or Knowledge of Parents. This support was created by the Michigan Department of Community Health Office of Legal Affairs and is for informational purposes only. See Disclaimer on document.

Mental Health Code
Michigan Act 258 of 1974 provides the laws relating to mental health.

Notice and Consent
Outlines the Individuals with Disabilities in Education (IDEA) requirements for Notice and Consent.

Parent Center Hub
Grant funded national technical assistance center for parents.

Parental Consent
When the term consent is used in IDEA, or the term parental consent, it has the same meaning as the term informed written consent. It means that the parent has been fully informed regarding the action of the school system for which parental consent is being requested. Here is IDEA’s verbatim definition of consent: §300.9 Consent.

Laws that Affect School Health Services Programs in Michigan (PDF)
As schools plan for the needs of children in school, instruction, and safe learning environments, there must be a foundation upon which they are based. That foundation includes federal, state, and local policies and regulations. It is imperative that school policies are in accordance with the laws and standards of practice in place in their jurisdiction.

Various laws establish parameters for policy options concerning school health services. This resource provides an overview of those laws. Links to the specific federal or state law are included. This document is offered as a resource to guide policy and procedure development but it is not intended as a substitute for legal counsel. As part of any policy development, legal review should be required.

Michigan Behavioral Health Standard Consent Form
Health care providers may share many kinds of health information with other providers for the purposes of payment, treatment, and health care operations. However, providers must receive specific consent to share an individual’s health records containing certain types of information. In Michigan, federal and state laws require providers to receive consent to share information such as mental health records (for purposes other than treatment, payment, and coordination of care) or information on treatment or referrals for alcohol and substance use disorder. More information and tools to navigate federal and state health information laws in Michigan can be found on the Protected Health Information Consent Tool.