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MI New Economy

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MI New Economy

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MI New Economy builds on Michigan's economic momentum by setting aggressive goals for state government and outlining the transformative proposals that take advantage of the once-in-a-generation opportunity to remake Michigan's future and grow the middle class, support small businesses, and invest in our communities. This plan will result in better jobs, better skills, more people re-entering the labor force and more people staying in Michigan and moving to Michigan. It will result in a new economy, a better economy, one that expands economic opportunity and prosperity for all.

Executive Summary

Message from the Governor

Three Pillars to Building MI New Economy

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Build Strong Communities

Michigan's residents deserve to live in vibrant communities with the kinds of services and amenities associated with a high standard of living.

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Grow the Middle Class

No economic vision for the state can be complete if it doesn't focus on eliminating poverty and lifting families into the middle class. 

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Support Small Business

To supplement the great economic development work our state already does, Michigan needs a focus on creating and growing more Main Street businesses.

Delivering During a Crisis

In addition to the MI New Economy plan, it's important to note some of the key initiatives Gov. Whitmer and her administration delivered on since 2020. Michigan took bold action and progress was made on the issues that matter most to Michigan families - here's a look at just a few of those initiatives:


Since launch, Michigan Reconnect and Futures for Frontliners put 160,000 Michiganders and counting on a path to higher education. 

 $240 million

From March 2020 through March 2021, MEDC launched 23 economic relief programs deploying nearly $240 million in small business relief.

$6.5B increase

New projections show the state's revenue outlook increasing by nearly $6.5B -- from a $3B deficit to a $3.5B surplus. Grew 7.6%  Michigan's economy 

grew 7.6%

in the first quarter of 2021, higher than the national average, and among the top 10 states nationwide.  
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Michigan's Long-Term, Structural Economic Challenges

Governor Whitmer inherited an economy that wasn't working for every Michigander. While our state has weathered the storm of COVID-19 better than many others, there continues to be structural challenges that were deepened and made more visible because of the COVID pandemic. The structural challenges that MI New Economy hopes to address are: 

  • Too many jobs in Michigan are low-wage jobs.
  • We need more workers.
  • Our small businesses are struggling.
  • We haven't invested in our communities.
  • Our workers need more skills.