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Winter Safety

Vehicles driving during winter conditions on I-96 and I-496 in Eaton County.
Department of Transportation

Winter Safety

Snow, sleet, ice, and freezing temperatures all have an effect on winter driving conditions. This may mean driving slower than the posted speed limit, leaving more distance between your vehicle and the on in front of you, allowing extra time to arrive at your destination, and checking road conditions before leaving.

Motorists are reminded to follow Michigan's Basic Speed Law, which requires them to drive at a "careful and prudent" speed in all conditions. 

Remember: Ice and Snow, Take it Slow.

Michigan Winter Travel Safety Brochure
Mi Drive map showing snowplow location.

Snowplow Tracking

Snowplow tracking allows motorists to locate and view plows on state trunklines.
View MDOT Snowplow Names
Track MDOT Snowplows
MDOT Tow Plow in action on I-96 in MDOT's University Region.

Tow Plow

A Tow Plow is a plow truck which enables MDOT crews to clear two full lanes of highway in a single pass reducing labor and costs.

Learn About Tow Plows
Winter maintenance vehicles with traffic on I-96 and I-496 in Eaton County.

Green Lights

Better visibility with green lights means safer roads for winter maintenance workers and motorists.
Learn About Green Lights
MDOT salt shed ready for winter.

Salt Use

Why doesn't MDOT use more salt? Learn how temperatures determine when salt is used and when it can be effective.
Learn About Salt Use

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