Air Permit Public Notices

  • Contact: Annette Switzer, 517-643-3847
    Agency: Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

    Audience member raises hand at an EGLE public meetingThe law requires EGLE to allow the public to comment on some permitting actions. Public comments are a very important part of making sure the action that will be taken has been thoroughly reviewed. Based on comments received during the public comment period and the comments received at the hearing, EGLE may complete the action as proposed, deny the action, or revise the action.

    Comments EGLE can consider include technical mistakes, grammar and spelling mistakes, other rules that should be considered, and why the action does not comply with the rules. Some issues EGLE cannot consider include popularity of the action, emission sources that are not part of the action, indoor air pollution, traffic, hours of operation, noises and lighting, and zoning issues.

    To learn more about the about the public hearing process, view the "Public Hearings - What You Should Know" document.