Public Notification Rule

Contact your EGLE drinking water staff when you intend to deliver a public notice to ensure you meet content and delivery requirements. Your EGLE drinking water staff can provide a PN template that best fits your situation. To immediately notify your customers to boil their drinking water, the following templates may apply while you contact your EGLE drinking water staff.

Boil Water Notice Templates

These TEMPLATES are provided for your convenience and may not meet all requirements for your situation. Contact your EGLE drinking water staff to ensure you publish an appropriate public notice that meets content and delivery requirements. Let your customers know when they no longer need to use boiled or bottled water. If you are experiencing difficulty downloading these Word documents from your browser, please try right-clicking on the link and choosing Open link in new window.

Ten Required Elements of a Public Notice

Every notice that is required under the Safe Drinking Water Act must contain these ten elements. But water supplies may wish to notify consumers about an event, even if not required to by law. Contact your EGLE drinking water staff to ensure your required notices contain these ten content elements:

  1. Description of the violation or situation
  2. When the violation or situation occurred
  3. Potential health effects
  4. The population at risk
  5. Should alternate water supplies be used
  6. Actions consumers should take
  7. What is being done to correct the violation or situation
  8. When the system expects to return to compliance
  9. Contact information
  10. Required distribution language

Other References and Tools


Michigan administrative rules R 325.10401 through R 325.10409 promulgated under the Safe Drinking Water Act 1976 PA 399, as amended, MCL 325.1001 et seq. This rule is as stringent as the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations, Public Notification Rule, Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations 141.201 et seq. promulgated under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, Public Law 93-523, as amended, 42 USC 300f et seq.