Promote your Recycling or Hazardous Waste Collection

Contact: Amy Karana 517-242-8324; Steve Noble 517-449-6153
Agency: Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Register today in one of Michigan’s recycling directories and help residents and businesses find you! 

Whether you operate a permanent collection center, a one-day collection event, a materials recovery facility, a drop-off center, or any type of organization that focuses on reuse, recycling, and diversion of materials, these directories can help you reach your customers! 

The Michigan Recycling Directory focuses on recyclers and collectors who accept materials from residents.

The Recycled Materials Market Directory focuses on recyclers and collectors who accept materials from businesses.

Both directories are a no-cost, easy way to share information about the services you offer to the communities you support.  Sign up and list your company in one or both of the directories that pertain to your organization.  Remember, the Michigan Recycling Directory is for organizations that accept materials from residents, while the Recycled Materials Market Directory focuses on organizations that accept from businesses.  For more details on listing your organization, see the Listing and Maintaining your Facility in the Michigan DEQ Recycling Directory (7 minutes) tutorial.

Once you join one of the directories, residents and businesses will be able to search the directory for nearby collections and find your organization.  Start the process by registering today and be on your way to helping Michigan become more sustainable. 

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Michigan Recycling Directory 

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