What is the Workers' Compensation Board of Magistrates?

  • The Workers’ Compensation Board of Magistrates has been established as an autonomous entity within the Michigan Administrative Hearing System. MCL 418.213. Only workers’ compensation magistrates can hear cases for which an application for hearing has been filed with the Workers’ Compensation Agency.

    The Board of Magistrates consists of 17 members appointed by the Governor, with the advice and the consent of the Senate. All members of the board shall be members in good standing of the State Bar of Michigan (MCL 418.213) and have been an attorney licensed to practice in the courts of this state for 5 years or more (MCL 418.210).

What types of cases does the Board of Magistrates consider?

  • The Board of Magistrates hears cases regarding any dispute that arises under the Michigan Worker’s Disability Compensation Act of 1969.

Where do I find Opinions of the Board of Magistrates?

Who has general supervisory responsibilities for the Board of Magistrates?

  • The Governor designates a member of the Board as the Chairperson upon a vacancy occurring in that position. The Chairperson of the board shall have general supervisory control of and be in charge of the members of the board and the assignment and scheduling of the work of the board members. MCL 418.213 (3). The Chairperson serves at the pleasure of the Governor.  MCL 418.213(5).

Where are the hearing locations for the Board of Magistrates?

What form needs to be filed to request a hearing before the Board of Magistrates?

Where can I find more information about my rights and responsibilities under the WorkersÂ’ Disability Compensation Act?

  • The Workers’ Compensation Agency website provides information, forms and statistics regarding the Board of Magistrates, as well as detailed information regarding workers’ compensation benefits.