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Labor and Economic Opportunity


Know Your Rights

Labor Movements that Shaped History

Women Who Made a Difference

  • Rosie the Riveter Rosie the Riveter

    Commonly connected to Rose Will Monroe, an employee of the World War II Run Bomber Plant in Ypsilanti Township, Rosie the Riveter is an American icon created when the United States was desperate for women to join the war effort. She inspired a generation of women to enter the industrial workforce at a time when they were desperately needed. She succeeded, but more importantly, all women succeeded.

  • Dorothy Haener Dorothy Haener

    Dorothy Haener is a founding member of the National Organization for women, the Women's Equity Action League, the Michigan Democratic Caucus, and the Coalition of Labor Union Women. She was also a founder and co-chair of Michigan ERAmerica and co-chair of the Michigan Task Force on Sexual Harassment in the workplace. She is a nationally recognized expert on working women, having published numerous articles, given testimony at state and federal levels, served on Presidential Task Forces and Commissions, and spoken at national and international women's conferences in her continuing effort to achieve equality in the workplace.

  • Mildred Jeffrey Mildred M. Jeffrey

    She was the first director of the Women's Department of the United Automobile Workers International Union and embodies the spirit and the energy of the labor movement, coupled with a strong tradition of community service. As a prominent spokesperson for women and workers, she has been honored with numerous awards and distinctions.