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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Prevailing Wage

Contact: Wage and Hour Program 517-284-7800

On June 6, 2018, Michigan's Prevailing Wages on State Projects law, Act 166 of 1965 was repealed as the result of a legislative initiative; the repeal was given immediate effect. Wage and Hour, therefore,  will no longer issue prevailing wage rates, and updates to surveys will not be made.  Any survey or other prevailing wage information filed with Wage and Hour in the future will be returned to the sender.


The Department is reviewing its responsibilities and obligations subsequent to the repeal. Please peruse our web-site at for updated information.  Thank you.


Repealed 6/6/2018  Prevailing Wages on State Projects, Public Act 166 of 1965, as amended  

Repeal of Michigan's Prevailing Wage Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Contracts that require the payment of rates established by the federal Davis Bacon Act are not covered by the Michigan Prevailing Wages on State Projects, Public Act 166 of 1965, as amended. Questions regarding the federal Davis Bacon Act can be directed to the United States Department of Labor at 866-4-USWAGE (866-487-9243), or you can visit their web site at