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#proudMIeducator is a Michigan Department of Education initiative that aims to acknowledge, elevate, and celebrate the work of great educators in the State of Michigan.

Latest #proudMIeducator Video Video

Latest #proudMIeducator Video

The latest #proudMIeducator video features Ana Aleman-Putman, former principal at Grandville East Elementary School who is now the Student Academic Excellence and Well Being Coordinator for the Grandville Public School District.

Ms. Aleman-Putman grew up in a low-income family—the 12th of 15 children—and her parents instilled a love for education from a young age. She says the only option for her and her siblings to escape poverty was to graduate from high school despite their family circumstances. Together, their family persevered and worked together to establish their lives in the community in which they were raised.

For more information, view the press release: Grandville Educator Highlighted in Newest #proudMIeducator Video

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