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State Superintendent Flanagan Takes 27 Schools Off Priority School Status

April 16, 2015 

LANSING – State Superintendent Mike Flanagan yesterday informed 27 Michigan schools that they have been taken off Priority School status, as a result of their improvements in student achievement.

“Their hard work and focus on data-driven decisions have positively impacted student achievement outcomes,” Flanagan said. “The educators in these schools are leading a transformation for the children in their classrooms.” 

The 27 schools are among the first schools placed in Priority School status, back in 2010. Since then, the schools have established and implemented school redesign plans that took them out of the Bottom 5 percent of schools in the state’s Top to Bottom list; met their academic growth objectives in math and reading; and met the required 95 percent student participation rate on the state assessments.

“This is evidence that low-achieving schools can, and do, improve,” Flanagan said. “Every child wants to learn; and every child can learn. The key is finding the best strategies to help them, and staying focused on them.”

The schools now must develop and submit traditional School Improvement Plans to continue the forward progress in student achievement.

The 27 schools taken off Priority School Status:

Bloomingdale Public School District

Bloomingdale Middle and High School


Cassopolis Public Schools

Ross Beatty High School


Clintondale Community Schools

Clintondale High School


Conner Creek Academy East

Michigan Collegiate High


Detroit City School District

Holmes Elementary-Middle School

Hutchinson Elementary-Middle School

Schulze Elementary-Middle School


Detroit Community Schools

Detroit Community High School


Education Achievement Authority

Brenda Scott Academy for Theatre Arts


Ferndale Public Schools

University High School


Fitzgerald Public Schools

Fitzgerald Senior High School


Godrey-Lee Public Schools

Lee High School


Kalamazoo Public Schools

Maple Street Magnet School for the Arts


Kent City Community Schools

Kent City High School


Lakeview Community Schools (Montcalm Co.)

Lakeview High School


Lincoln Park School District

Lincoln Park Middle School


Marion Public Schools

Marion High School


Michigan Educational Choice Center

Trix Elementary


Mt. Morris Consolidated Schools

E.A. Johnson Memorial High School


New Haven Community Schools

New Haven High School


Roseville Community Schools

Eastland Middle School

Roseville Middle School


Ross-Hill Academy

Ross-Hill Academy Elementary


Saginaw School District

Thompson Middle School


Waldron Area Schools

Waldron Middle School


Waverly Community Schools

Waverly Middle School


Westwood Heights Schools

Hamady Community High School