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State Superintendent Has Positive Meeting with DPS Emergency Manager Darnell Earley

January 15, 2016

LANSING – State Superintendent Brian Whiston met with Detroit Public Schools Emergency Manager Darnell Earley today and offers the following statement:

“I met with Detroit Public School’s Emergency Manager Darnell Earley and members of his leadership team today to discuss concerns raised by teachers in the district regarding academic and environmental conditions in the schools.

It was a very positive meeting we had today, where Mr. Earley informed me that the district is creating a process where teachers can share their concerns with building principals, and the principals then will forward them to the district’s upper administration.  The administration will review the issues raised and determine if it is something the district can remedy immediately, or whether it needs a longer-term plan.

The urgent financial situation at Detroit Public Schools is a dire component in resolving many of these issues. Mr. Earley and his team shared with me that the district has worked hard over the last year to transform its operations to be sustainable for the long term.

We need the state Legislature to fix the financial problem now so the district’s debt can be paid and the school dollars instead can be directed to the students in the classrooms. We all need to come together on this for a quick and appropriate solution. When we deal with the district’s debt, we can deal with the academics.

I encourage the district’s teachers to remain in their classrooms to serve the students of Detroit, and moving forward, come together to work on an academic plan for the 2016 school year.”