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MDE Dairy Group Award Almost $1 Million in School Nutrition Equipment Grants to 95 Schools

October 14, 2016

LANSING – Students at 95 schools statewide are eating healthier thanks to almost $1 million for food-service upgrades, according to a joint announcement today by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) and United Dairy Industry of Michigan (UDIM).

The MDE awarded $639,000 in U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National School Lunch Program Equipment Assistance (NSLP) grant funds to the 45 schools in 18 districts, while the UDIM added $250,000 for a total of nearly $990,000.

The districts are using the funds to improve school meals through upgrades to their kitchen equipment and infrastructures.

“Tens of thousands of students at these schools are, or will be, benefiting from more nutritional foods because of this funding,” State Superintendent Brian Whiston said. “I’m so glad to see partnerships like this because they’re able to pool resources and expand their reach to help more of Michigan’s kids.”

In February, the USDA and National Dairy Council (NDC) announced the availability of $35 million in federal and private grants to help schools upgrade their kitchen equipment and infrastructure. Eligible school districts nationwide could apply for funds to support the purchase of items such as utility carts, utensils, large-capacity food processors, industrial scales, steamers, and freezers. 

“The United Dairy Industry of Michigan and Michigan dairy farm families have supported school nutrition for more than 100 years, and we are excited to work with the USDA to continue that tradition,” said UDIM Chief Executive Officer Sharon Toth.

Since 2009, the USDA has awarded $215 million in school nutrition equipment grants. The USDA provides this funding to states, which then competitively award grants to school districts for the purchase of necessary equipment. Priority is given to high-need schools where 50 percent or more of the enrolled students are eligible for free or reduced price meals.

This year, the NDC and its network of local dairy councils across the country joined the USDA’s efforts by kicking in an additional $5 million through a separate, but simultaneous, grant application process.

District and School (if applicable)

Grant Amount

Anchor Bay School District


       Anchor Day High School


       Anchor Bay Middle School North


Bay City School District


     Handy Middle School


Bendle Public Schools


     South Bendle Elementary School


       Bendle Middle School


Benton Harbor Area Schools


     Arts & Communications Academy at Fair Plain


       International Academy at Hull


     Steam Academy at MLK


Birmingham Public Schools


     Harlan Elementary School


Bloomfield Hills School District


Breckenridge Community Schools


Breitung Township Schools


Caseville Public Schools


Cedar Springs Public Schools


Coldwater Community Schools


Coopersville Public School District


Clio Area School District


     A.C. Edgerton Elementary School


       George A. Lacure Elementary School

$ 2,800

     Glen Garner Elementary School


     Connor Creek Academy East - Elementary


Detroit Achievement Academy


Detroit Public Schools Community District


       Academy of the Americas


     Clemente, Roberto Academy


     Dixon Elementary School


       Dossin Elementary - Middle School


       Edward "Duke" Ellington at Beckham


       Garvey Academy


     Harms Elementary School


       Ludington Magnet Middle School


       Neinas Dual Language Learning Academy


       Priest Elementary - Middle School


       Pulaski Elementary - Middle School


     Wayne Elementary School


       Young, Coleman A. Elementary


Dexter Community School District


Dundee Community Schools


Edwardsburg Public Schools


Evart Public Schools


     Evart Elementary


     Evart Middle School


Fairview Area School District


       Fairview School


Fenton Are Public Schools


Forest Park School District


     Forest Park School


Grand Haven Area Public Schools


Greater Heights Academy


Gwinn Area Community Schools


Hartland Consolidated Schools


Holton Public Schools


Homer Community Schools


Imlay City Community Schools


Ingham Academy/Family Center


       Ingham Academy


Ingham County Youth Center


Kaleva Norman Dickson School District


       Brethren Middle School


Kent City Community Schools


     Kent City Middle School


Kentwood Public Schools


Lansing Public School District


     North School


Lincoln Park Public Schools


Littlefield Public Schools


     Littlefield School (K-12)


Marshall Public Schools


     Marshall Middle School


Morley Stanwood Community Schools


     Morley Elementary School


     Morley Stanwood High School


Muskegon Catholic Schools


Muskegon Heights Public School Academy System


       Muskegon Heights Academy


North Adams-Jerome Schools


Northstar Academy


Northwest Community Schools


Orchard View Schools


Pellston Public Schools


Plymouth-Canton Community Schools


Portage Public Schools


     Moors Bridge Elementary School


Quincy Community School District


Reeths-Puffer Schools


Rogers City Area Schools


Rogers City High School


School District of the City of Saginaw


       Arthur Eddy Academy


       Arthur Hill High School


       Chester F. Middle School


     Herig School


       Jessie Loomis School


       Kempton Elementary School


       Merrill Park Elementary School


       Saginaw High School


     Stone School


       Zilwaukee K-8 School


Shelby Public Schools


     Shelby Middle School


St. Louis Public Schools


Stanton Township Public Schools


       E.B. Holman Elementary School


Tekonsha Community Schools


Traverse City Area Public Schools


       Traverse City High School


       Traverse Heights Elementary School


Union City Community Schools


     Union City High School


Waterford School District


Watervilet School District


       Watervilet Senior High School


Wayland Union Schools


White Pigeon Community Schools


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