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Permit Renewals


All applications for permits and permit renewals are processed and managed through the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS). Educators themselves cannot apply for permits; only the employing school (or contracted third party agency) can apply for permits to employ non-certified/endorsed individuals.  

Please note that the application must be approved, and the fee paid, before the permit is considered valid for an assignment.

Daily Substitute Permit

  • The Daily Substitute Permit is non-renewable.
  • An extension of the Daily Substitute Permit is available under extenuating situations within a single school year.
  • A new Daily Substitute Permit must be applied for each school year.
  • A Daily Substitute Permit Extension may be requested for single teaching assignments lasting longer than 90-calendar days.
  • An Emergency Daily Substitute Permit Extension may be available in certain cases. Schools should review the Daily Substitute Transition Plan document for guidance on support of permitted educators in long term assignments.

Full Year Permits

The following year-long substitute permits authorize a non-certified/endorsed individual to teach up to a maximum of 4 years in the same assigned area.

Renewing a Full-Year BASIC Substitute Permit

Renewal 1:

Renewal 2:

Renewal 3:

Renewing a Full-Year SHORTAGE Substitute Permit

Up to 3 renewals with effective or highly effective ratings in the assigned area.

Expert Substitute Permit

  • Unlimited renewals with effective or highly effective ratings in the assigned area.
  • It is recommended that the district/school assign and maintains a mentor teacher for this individual.

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