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Considerations: Collective Bargaining Topics and Evaluation System Design Decision Points

Teacher Evaluation System

The questions below will assist in the development of a local evaluation system to meet the requirements of educator evaluation law.

Adopted Evaluation Tool(s)

  • Which evaluation tools will be used to conduct observations and evaluations?
  • How will the district approach the option to provide evaluations on an annual, biennial, or triennial basis for teachers who have been rated at least effective for three consecutive years?

Student Growth and Assessment Data or Student Learning Objectives Metrics

  • What assessments and measures will be used?
  • What are the timelines and processes for measurement? 
  • What are the review and approval processes?
  • How will metrics be attributed to teachers? Will there be any shared accountability metrics? 

Evaluation Ratings

  • What evaluation components will be considered to meet the 20% student growth and assessment and 80% teacher performance requirements?
  • If using other objective criteria, what criteria and how will they be measured and what percentage of the overall evaluation will these factors account for?
  • What is the process and criteria range for determining final ratings? 

Exemptions to Evaluation

  • How will the district define “extenuating circumstances” and set criteria to be used for the unevaluated rating option in addition to the minimum circumstances of worked less than 60 days and rating vacated through grievance?

Required Training on Teacher Evaluation Tool

  • How will districts provide teachers with training on the evaluation tool?
  • Will the district provide refresher trainings? 

Mentoring and Coaching

  • How will the district provide a mentor to probationary teachers in their first three years, and any teacher rated less than effective?
  • How will mentors be selected? 
  • What are the requirements and expectations of the mentoring program?
  • What are the selection requirements, trainings, and supports for a mentor? 

Individualized Development Plan (IDP)

  • What will the format and process be for IDPs for probationary teachers and those teachers rated less than effective on their most recent evaluation?
  • How will the required specific performance goals and recommended training be selected?
  • Will IDPs be assigned in other circumstances?

Midyear Progress Reports

  • What will the process be for the mid-year progress report for probationary teachers and those teachers rated less than effective on their most recent evaluation?
  • What is the format for the mid-year progress report to meet the minimum requirements of a review of progress toward specific learning goals, goals for remainder of school year, recommended training, and written improvement plan?


  • Will additional observations be part of the evaluation process beyond the required two observations in the year of evaluation?
  • What will the format of the observations be to meet the minimum requirements of 15 minutes in length with a review of lesson plans, state standards, and pupil engagement?
  • Who conducts observations, and will the observations be announced in advance? 

Post-Observation Meeting

  • What is the format for post-observation meetings between teacher and evaluator to meet the minimum requirements of discussion of lesson plan, and review of state standards and pupil engagement?
  • How will feedback be provided to meet the minimum requirement of written feedback within 30 days?

Review of Evaluation Rating

  • What are the procedure and timelines for the review of an evaluation result to meet the minimums set in law?