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Michigan Educator Evaluation Tool Application and Scoring Guide

MCL 380.1249(5) of Michigan’s educator evaluation law prescribes that the department establish and maintain a list of teacher evaluation tools meeting the legislative guidelines of being reliable, valid and efficacious. The department was charged with the responsibility of promulgating rules establishing standards and procedures for adding an evaluation tool to or removing an evaluation tool from the list. The rules were to include a process for a school district, intermediate school district, or public school academy to submit its own evaluation tool for review for placement on the list.

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has promulgated rules creating the process by which school districts, intermediate school districts, public school academies, or private organizations may submit candidate tools for inclusion on the state-approved list, provided they meet the required criteria. The Michigan Educator Evaluation Tool Scoring Guide provides the framework and mechanism through which the applications for educator evaluation tools will be evaluated for potential inclusion on the list of state-approved tools.

Procedures and Documents

Approval Process

The department shall review an evaluation tool submitted for consideration to be placed on the state-approved list using the scoring guide and examination of all information required (as described in this application document and in R380.21, R380.22 and R380.23 of Michigan Administrative Code). Not more than 90 days after receipt of a request under these rules, the department shall notify the district or organization if the evaluation tool will be placed on the list as an approved tool. If the department determines that the evaluation tool will not be placed on the list, or shall be allowed probationary placement on the list, the notice shall include the reasons for probationary placement or denial of the request. The district or organization may use the feedback and rational for probationary placement or denial to modify and resubmit its evaluation tool and/or application for approval.

Application Procedures and Documents

All applications must be submitted through email to the following email address:  Only complete applications will be reviewed. The application packet submitted should include the completed forms (A-L) as well as all relevant/required attachments in portable document format (pdf) or in MS Word format.