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Child Nutrition Program Procurement and Contracts Team

Work Areas and Contact Information

Consortia, DOD, and USDA Foods, Local Foods for Schools

Jaime Malnar, Consultant

Consortia, DOD, and USDA Foods

Deidra Tyrrell, Analyst

CACFP and SFSP Food Service Contract and General Procurement

Ruby Zavala, Analyst

NSLP Food Service Contracts

Tammy Saul, Analyst

NSLP Procurement Review and General Procurement

Jasmine Stinson, Analyst

NSLP Equipment and General Procurement, and Equipment Assistance Grant

Shanna Williams, Consultant

Farm to Program, 10 Cents a Meal for Kids and Farms, Local Foods for Schools

Wendy Crowley, Consultant

Farm to Program, 10 Cents a Meal for Michigan's Kids and Farms

Cheyenne Liberti, Consultant,

Farm to Program, 10 Cents a Meal for Michigan's Kids and Farms

Megan Maddox, Analyst,

Procurement Compliance Manager

Emily Ross, Department Manager

Food Distribution Supervisor

Tom Priest, Department Supervisor

Food Distribution Unit Administrative Support

Connie Kraft

General Mailbox -

Food Service Contracts Mailbox -

Procurement Mailbox -

Farm to Program Mailbox -

What does the Child Nutrition Program (CNP) Procurement Team do?

The Team provides training, technical assistance, and compliance oversight related to the procurement of all goods, food, services, and equipment used in Child Nutrition Programs. The Team does not provide legal advice.

Where does the Team fall in a State of Michigan organization chart?

  1.    State of Michigan
  2.    Michigan Department of Education
  3.    Finance and Operations Division
  4.    Office of Nutrition Services  (ONS)
  5.    Food Distribution Unit & Nutrition Coordination Unit
  6.   CNP Procurement Team