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"Athletics are great. But Physical Education is for every youngster – to help them learn about their bodies, learn about ways to become physically active, but not necessarily to compete."

—George Graham (former professional soccer player and manager)

Schools are situated to play a significant role in the health of our young people. There is mounting evidence that addressing the health needs of students improves academic achievement. Students must learn how to be healthy then be given the opportunity to practice those healthy behaviors in a supportive and caring environment.


Schools cannot do it alone. Parents and communities share the responsibility to create the healthy school environments that help schools meet their primary mission of educating students. A Coordinated School Health (CSH) framework provides the opportunity for schools to leverage community partners and resources to help meet the needs of students. A fully functioning CSH Team creates the mechanism to meet the needs of all students, regardless of the circumstances (Pat Cooper, 2005).


  • Promoting Healthy Youth, Schools and Communities: A Guide to Community SchoolHealth Councils
    This guide will assist school districts in developing new school health councils, strengthening existing school health councils, and maintaining them as effective entities that can support and guide school health practices, programs and policies. It is tailored to the planning needs of school district staff responsible for school health. The guide can also be useful to parents and other community partners interested in promoting the development of a school health council.

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