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Recess/Recess Before Lunch

Kids Playing

"Play has to be reframed and seen not as an opposite to work but rather as a complement. Curiosity, imagination and creativity are like muscles: if you don't use them, you lose them."

— David Elkin, Tufts University child development expert

Recess is an important part of a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program and provides much more than an important unstructured physical activity break for students during the day. Recess also provides a place to practice social skills outside of the classroom. Students learn the art of negotiation, compromising, decision making, refusal skills and other skills important to their development .It also allows teachers to observe students outside of the classroom setting.


Recess Before Lunch (RBL) is simply a change in the traditional scheduling order of lunchtime and recess. As the name implies, RBL allows students to go to recess first, and then eat lunch. Benefits of reversing the order have been noted such as fewer discipline issues when the students return to the classroom, the students eating more nutritious meals and slower as they are not in a hurry to get to the playground, less food waste and drinking more milk.



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