Limousine Service

Agency: Transportation

Required State License(s):  

The Limousine Transportation Act requires that all motor vehicles (regardless of body style) having a seating capacity of 15 passengers or less, including the driver, transporting passengers in exchange for compensation, are required to be licensed with the Michigan Department of Transportation, Bureau of Passenger Transportation. For more information, visit

If the vehicle is used to carry packages (other than those belonging to passengers), contact the Public Service Commission, Motor Carrier Division at 517-241-6030.  

Other Possible License(s):

Part 209 of the Public Health Code applies to a limousine service licensed under the Limousine Transportation Act by the Michigan Department of Transportation that provides non-emergency stretcher transportation. Limousine services may not transport non-emergency patients without first obtaining a license as an ambulance service under Part 209 of the Public Health Code. Contact the Department of Community Health at 517-241-3024.

Chauffeur's license and commercial plates may be obtained from the local Secretary of State's Office.

If the vehicle carries less than 16 passengers, contact the city clerk's office to determine if a local license is required.

Revised: 10/2014